ANZAC Day Recipe

ANZAC cookies are usually the staple for ANZAC Day but this year why not try something different. This is a little something you can even get the kids involved in and have a bit of fun together as a whole family.

What you need:

ANZAC cookies. I used 3 but you can go crazy with as many as you want.

Betty Crocker Creamy Deluxe Vanilla frosting. It’s expensive American frosting so you know it’s good… not like that cheap Australian no branded frosting that you have to add water too then mix it to get the right consistency. There’s no time for mixing we’ve got patriotic stuff to do.

Red Colouring.

Army Men. I picked up a bag from The Reject Shop for $1. Now that’s a bargain!

Tiny Australian flag on a toothpick.

 Creating your ANZAC Day masterpiece…

Place a few ANZAC cookies on a plate. Break open the plastic army men and start breaking them apart… we need body parts! Gather as many bits of arms, legs and heads as possible. Keep the legless, armless and headless bodies they will come in handy too.

Mix red colouring and frosting to create a nice pot of blood. With a heaped spoon throw the red frosting onto the ANZAC cookies as if you are holding a gun firing at the Turks as you are landing on the shores of Gallipoli.

Now it’s time to let your creative side to shine! Create a battlefield of dead soldiers in your pool of thick  blood. As you can see I placed an armless, headless soldier in a little scene with another soldier with a gun. With dead soldiers and body parts surrounding him. With the left over red colouring you can add the effect of more blood by pouring it over the cookies and frosting.  I added a bit of chocolate powder to represent the dirt from… you know, the ground.

Finally, place the Australian flag in your creation. Everything becomes authentically patriotic when the Australian flag is added. There you have the best Australian patriotic dish that will educate your kids.


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