How To Communicate With Others

These tips will help you to communicate with others in the most effective way possible.

When someone is speaking to you make sure you look at your watch. Your time is valuable and you’ve got better things to do rather than listening to your closest friend talk about their recent cancer diagnosis. Interrupt the conversation to tell the other person, “I’ve got a big date tonight and I was just thinking about what I was going to wear. Do you think I should wear a dress or pants?” And if you’re a man this is especially important to ask.

Perfect your sarcasm so that it doesn’t sound like sarcasm.

Be passive aggressive. Why say things directly when you can say it in a confusing way that pisses off the other person.

The silent treatment is effective in conveying your anger… silently. You know you’ve succeeded when the other person asks you, “Are you giving me the silent treatment?” Your answer should always be ‘no’ followed by more silent treatment.

No insult is too low. If you can insult their mother and grandmother in the same sentence, you know you’ve done your job. Bonus points if you include, “You’re a fuckwit!” at the end of every sentence.

Get emotional as often as possible. You’re bound to get your point across if you’re screaming in their face.

And remember, it’s your point that matters so stop at nothing to be heard!


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