I Love Cute Dogs

Dear Real Estate Dude or Dudette,

I’m asking for your permission to keep a dog at my residence. I really really love dogs! I’m a huge fan of The Dog Whisperer. Cesar Millan has a way with all the dogs. And every time I watch his show it pulls on my heart strings. I just have so much love to give. So why not have a dog – other people do.

I know you’re really keen on knowing which breed of dog I intend on getting. I spent 4 hours on Google –  it was so hard to choose with so many cute breeds on the Trading Post, Pet Net and Just Dog Breeds. In the end I chose one from Cute-Breeds-Are -Us.

I’ve named her Princess

Breed: Cutie-Pie

Temperament: Easy going, good sense of humor, loves to entertain on a Friday night, and worships Satan

Eats: Small children and Schmackos

Languages: Icelandic and Satanic

Bad Time: Cutie-Pie’s are unpredictable at night time.

Protection: Yes, you should definitely get life insurance and put a lock on the bedroom door

Appearance: Elegant, dainty, with a wide eyed innocent expression. (So there’s no pinning anything on this breed of dog)

Intelligence: Can read lips and recite every episode of  The Simpsons

Weaknesses: Kryptonite

I understand you will require training papers. I have written to the CIA requesting all training papers ASAP. FYI – I have already bought the dog, so if you could just say “Yes” that would be great.

Your Sincerely,


2 thoughts on “I Love Cute Dogs

  1. Hi Sam,

    MMMMM…mmmmmm….just love the look of your Princess breed. Do they also recite episodes of Seinfeld? I could buy one if that was the case.

    Thanks for the run down on Princess. I am sure I will sleep well tonight with the image of her lovely face. 🙂

    Thanks, Eileen.

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