Jackie O quits 2DayFM’s “The Kyle and Jackie O Show”

Jackie O arriving at McDonald’s Parramatta

Jackie O, one half of the dynamic duo from 2DayFM’s “The Kyle and Jackie O Showbreakfast radio program, has hinted she “might or might not” quit the radio show that has made her a bunch of money.

Standing in line at McDonald’s Parramatta to order food for Kyle Sandilands, she struck up a conversation with a complete stranger in front of her.

“All I did was turn around to ask the kids if they wanted Coke or Sprite with their Happy Meal. Jackie O must of thought I turned around to talk to her,” said Parramatta local Jenny Stiles, “She just took that as her cue to start whining.”

Jenny, mother of three, spends 60 hours a week working in the ‘Annoying & Extremely Loud Product Testing Dept,’ at Hasbro testing the “Hungry Hungry Hippo” game, while supporting her out of work husband, and raising her three boys all under the age of eight. Jenny had just spent two hours with her sugar deprived children grocery shopping for the week and wanted to hurry up and feed her kids so they would shut up for five minutes “while Mummy got some quiet time.”

Tragically, she got caught in a painful conversation with Jackie O about her ‘terrible life’ and was then tortured with Jackie’s carefree possible plans for the future. “She said something about possibly starting a family or possibly traveling around the world – she’s torn between doing nothing… or doing nothing while earning 1 million dollars a week on her 2DayFM breakfast radio program, “The Kyle and Jackie O show“… that must be a tough decision,” Jenny said with a very noticeable tone of sarcasm.

“I am just so tired… if I knew when I got up this morning that this was going to happen, I would have gone to KFC up the road”, continued Jenny, “I was clearly in a weakened state… and she took advantage of it.”

Other News In Brief

Office worker dies in freak laminator accident. “At least she died doing something she loved,” stated one co-worker who speaks only in cliches. Mourners remember a weird but extremely well-dressed lady who spent a lot of time with the laminator. It’s reported that she became obsessed with laminating after being asked by a co-worker to laminate an A4 document. It was then that she began to laminate everything in sight. “She constantly asked everyday if we had anything to laminate… there’s only so much you CAN laminate,” sobbed another co-worker, “She laminated everything in the office, in the kitchen and she even laminated the toilet paper.” No word yet where the Office Workers’ laminated body will be “laid to rest”.

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  1. Hi Witty Sam,

    Thank you for the mention. I’m almost famous now and thanks to you!

    I won’t try to match your wit at any time though so I will only say Congratulations! Sam on a very entertaining and informative blog.

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    P.S. I’ve noticed I have moved from Newbie to Apprentice last week and now I’m a Journeyperson. How about that!

  2. You are very welcome Jill. And thankyou for your kind words – they are very encouraging! It does my my witty heart to know that I have entertained you. The world needs laughter!! By the way – I have added comment-luv… so wink, wink, nudge, nudge…

  3. It was me hinting – the next time you post a blog you can tick the comment-luv box so you will have a link to your blog!! 😉

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