Has anyone seen my knives? They seem to have disappeared. I have searched my entire house. I have been watching the news to see if anyone is holding them for ransom… you know the reports where your knives are blindfolded and held against their will by extremists who claim that chopsticks are just misunderstood cutlery. Yeah… well I haven’t seen one of those reports… YET! So it saddens me to think that perhaps my knives have simply done a runner… taken off. I don’t understand why… they have a good life here. They have their own block that they sit in everyday… I display them proudly on my kitchen bench for all to see. Maybe they decided there was a bigger life out there to be had… I knew letting them watch “Jamie’s Kitchen” and “Huey’s Cooking Adventures” would only lead to anarchy.

4 thoughts on “MISSING

  1. Hi Witty Sam,

    Maybe they run away to join the circus with an ambition to be stars in the Knife Throwing Act!?

    You are very creative and entertaining. I’m sure your knives will come to their senses very soon and realize they are on a good wicket (block) and come home to you soon.

  2. The circus eh? Hmmm… my missing knives may have watched my I Love Lucy DVD & after seeing knives thrown at Lucy with hilarious results, then decided the circus was the life for them. Thanks Jill!

  3. Darn Steak Knife King – why can’t he take the plastic spoons?

    We still can’t find the knives even after we moved. They have been missing for years! I assume someone who stayed over once took them! Who knows… it will always remain a mystery.

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