Dan and Peter Perform Street Theatre in Ettalong Beach

Dan and Peter – Shakespearean actors

Street theatre came alive in Ettalong Beach on Friday night when a two man comedy-violence show took locals by surprise. Dan and Peter, who have known each other for 10 years, decided an impromptu street performance was the way to air their grievances.

The street performance that started in The Ettalong Beach Hotel quickly turned into  dinner theatre for guests at Ettalong Beach Motel. Dan and Peter took their performance to the corner of The Esplanade and Picnic Road, right next to the Motel, after being kicked out by the owners of The Ettalong Beach Hotel for their violent behavior and potty mouth.

“I told Dan that there wasn’t enough fuckin’ people in the fuckin’ Ettalong Beach Hotel… I knew that taking our performance to the streets where there was fuckin’ people in the fuckin’ Motel and on the fuckin’ streets, we could get more people to see our fuckin’ performance,” Peter said while wiping the blood from his nose.

Dan and Peter’s stage – Cnr of The Esplanade & Picnic Rd

Jamie Smithers who was eating at Ettalong Beach Motel said, “It was so realistic! I couldn’t even tell it was acting!”

Amy Michaels who decided to go for a walk with her son before sunset stopped at a nearby look-out got more than she bargained for, “I don’t want to give the plot away but when Dan told Peter that he was going to ‘fucking kill him’, I knew my little boy who is 6 years old today, was getting the best cultural experience of his life.”

Locals are hoping that Peter and Dan will be back next Friday to give everyone in Ettalong Beach a follow-up performance. Dan said, “If Peter doesn’t give me my fuckin’ 200 bucks that he fuckin’ owes me, I’ll be back next Friday to beat the fuckin’ crap outta him.”

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  1. By ALL means. You can even work a few more “fuck” or “fuckin” into the dialogue. I am sure your teachers will find it amusing. What kind of school project are you working on? I have heaps more crap you can use…

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