This Is Not A Witty Blog Post

I can see the Mantra from here!

I just want to be totally upfront with my readers… I am not writing a witty blog post today. I know – ‘how unusual’… but you know not everything about me is witty. I have a very deep side… a side that appreciates beauty in everyday things. Big things and little things capture my attention – cause it doesn’t matter how small a thing is I can still see it, even if my doctors keep telling me I’m imagining them all.

Ettalong Beach has so many big and little things. I would like to take a detour from my usual witty blog post, to share with you a few things I have noticed in Ettalong Beach that have inspired me. And with any luck I will inspire you to take a trip to Ettalong Beach… even if it was just for the day. It may just change your life!

Happy fish in Ettalong Beach

1. All the fish are happy in Ettalong Beach, according to this drawing done by the early people of the area. And the fish are constantly laughing out loud. As no one in my family said, a happy fish is a tasty fish. That’s gotta be good!

I did not drink this Fanta!

2. Half a bottle of Fanta that I did not drink. I don’t do that… let’s move on.

3. “I can see the Mantra from here” is a great game to play on the Central Coast. And you can see it from everywhere! I even see it when I’m in bed asleep. I recommend making the trek to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse and pointing out to your friend that you can see the Mantra from there. It’s a fantastic way to piss them off.

4. Alcohol Free Zones. These zones point out where I can drink my Coke Zero.

The only ice-cream shop in Ettalong Beach

5. Ice-del-ites of Ettalong has in-spir-ed me to write every-thing hyph-en-ated. Tasty ice-cream too!

I use this water for flushing – only

6. Bore Water, Pump Water or Toilet Water – which one will you choose? These signs inform others of where they are sourcing their water for domestic use. And for good reason too! This “Toilet Water” sign was found at the front of block of units in Ettalong Beach.

7. Seeing homeless shopping trolley’s reminds me that it doesn’t matter where you live in Australia homeless shopping trolley’s are everywhere. According to some statistic made up by someone, 80% of shopping trolley’s were made homeless during the Queensland floods. Only 5% of shopping trolley’s are homeless in Ettalong Beach.

Although this was not a witty blog post, I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Ettalong Beach as seen from my eyes. If you ever take a trip to Ettalong Beach and you see me make sure you say “Hello”.  I apologise in advance for ignoring you – I’m probably listening to my iPod.

9 thoughts on “This Is Not A Witty Blog Post

  1. I too am happy that the pen-fish are happy in Ettalong Beach… but I still wonder why

    Thanks for your comment Janae… it was very perceptive of you to notice that too.

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