Exclusive Jordan Paris Interview

Jordan did not perform stand-up drunk at the 2009 Comedy on the Rox Open Mic Competition

Jordan Paris has become the most famous weird name in Australia. Despite his claims that his name is real, however his jokes are not. He’s the contestant on Australia’s Got Talent, that got busted for ripping off comics Lee Mack and Geoff Keith. The judges liked his comedy routine so much that put him through  to the semi-finals. Since the scandal broke, it’s unsure whether he’ll be able to continue in the competition.

As a comedy writer… who admits to writing her own crap, I was interested in talking to Jordan to get his side of the story. I was surprised that he was willing to do anyone (I should have known).

Here’s my interview with Jordan Paris, the “stand-up comedian”…

Me: Welcome Jordan! Thanks for agreeing to do an interview. How was your trip?

Jordan: It was one of those things where the 13 hour flight really felt like a… um… a 5 day trip on a… ah, plane.

Me: You flew from the Gold Coast to Newcastle… that’s like an hour flight

Jordan: That’s a double punch line right there.

Me: But it wasn’t even funny… you are not funny. Ok, let’s move on…

Jordan: I’m so excited, I’m ready to jump on a crocodile.

Me: So your Steve Irwin now… Steve Irwin’s dead you dumb fuck!  You can’t just go around stealing people’s material

Jordan: But I have been literally doing it my whole life

Me: And you think that’s okay?

Jordan: At the end of the day, I was born to entertain… my whole life is like a comedy movie

Me: What sort of comedy movie?

Jordan: Yeah, a comedy based around 5 girls in a pop group. I’m the manager. The tour. guy. manager…

Me: That’s Spiceworld: The Movie.. about The Spice Girls. You describe your life as the worst comedy movie ever made?

Jordan: It’s funny…

Me: Again, it’s not funny… So tell me, what do you like to do in your private time?

Jordan: I like to sneak into hospital wards unannounced to entertain kids and parents, like a modern day Patch Adams. And sometimes that makes the nurses angry.

Me: What do you say to the nurses?

Jordan: Look, I’m famous…

Me: I’m surprised that gets you in. How would you describe yourself?

Jordan: Just an awesome actor… ha,ha,ha,ha

Me: Really?

Jordan: (pulls cigarette packet out of pocket, lights up a cigarette and starts smoking) And I don’t even smoke in real life…

Me: That says fuck all about your acting ability.

Jordan: I’m hoping my newly acquired skills will take me all the way to Hollywood.

Me: What skills? You have no talent! All you did was memorise Lee Mack and Geoff Keith jokes… then repeat them word for word on Australia’s Got Talent.

Jordan: At the end of the day imitation is the biggest form of flattery…

Me: That sounds like an invitation to me.

Jordan: It’s very comically clever…

Me: You won’t mind if I steal your material then… word for word.

Jordan: It’s all in the delivery…

Me: That’s right mate… and to quote you “I’ll deliver it how I’ll deliver it”.

Jordan: A bit of JP humour there.!

Me: There’s been a lot of negative feedback from comedians about you stealing material from comics and then passing it off as your own.

Jordan: What the fucks wrong with them?

Me: Well Jordan, comedians work really hard at writing their own material. Writing comedy is an art – a lot of time is spent of writing, rewriting, editing and putting it out into the world to share. For me, I love writing. Although I am no where as good as the people I admire like Tina Fey, Maria Bamford or Gabby Millgate, but everything I write comes from ME. Sure it’s just a bunch of crap but it really is MY crap. What you did was basically pull your pants down and do a massive shit all over that. How does that make you feel?

Jordan: It’s a feeling I’ve never had before…

Me: What… remorse, regret, sorry?

Jordan: I’m excited! I’m having a ball!

Me: Good to see you enjoying your 15 minutes of fame…

Jordan: The beautiful thing about this is that it gives me the opportunity to showcase my work.

Me: Tell me… what other “work” have you done?

Jordan: I had a hilarious on-going cameo as the comic relief on Australian Idol

Me: Nope, I don’t remember you at all

Jordan: I was the one wearing a rainbow range of bright suits

Me: Doesn’t ring a bell…

Jordan: I gained an instant national profile with catchphrases such as : “I love us!!!”

Me: Oh, you’re the guy Kyle Sandilands called a “mini Mark Holden” in your 2007 Australian Idol audition. No wonder Kyle looked shocked when you came out on stage on Australia’s Got Talent!

Jordan: I love us… we rule!

Me: What was it like to audition in front of  Brian McFadden, Dannii Minogue and Kyle Sandilands?

Jordan: It’s a bit of a turn on, actually.

Me: You got horny?

Jordan: Well, I’ve never been with a lady…

Me: What’s the best line you’ve ever tried on a lady?

Jordan: I’m going to use “it”… I’m gunna have fun and laugh with “it”

Me: The ladies generally don’t want to know what you are going to do with your penis. You should really try something else… seriously. Before we go, any final words for the public?

Jordan: The world needs… a bit of Paris!

And there you have it, straight from the horses mouth. It was a pleasure delving into the life of Jordan Paris. What did I learn? I learnt that I should audition on the next season of Australia’s Got Talent lip-syncing “Spinning Around” while wearing Kylie Minogue’s gold hot pants.

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  1. Hahaha, I have no idea who this Jordan guy is but I quite enjoyed the words.

    I see you still like Kylie as well 🙂

  2. fantastic .. i hope you never interview me .. btw could you please considering joining my triberr tribe ? it would be an honour to help spread the witty .. 😉

  3. Came here because of your pathetic work on twitter. You think calling Nicole Cornes a whore & a slut is the way to support Mick Molloy?!? You’re an embarrassment.

  4. Great post!i can’t imagine the interview i experience that in my first apply a job and honestly i don’t know the feel of having interview.

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