Exclusive Julia Spillard Interview

Plans to insulate all Australians
Plans to insulate all Australians as we move closer to Antartica

During an election campaign you would think getting hold of the current unreal Prime Minister of Australia for an interview is impossible. Strangely Julia Spillard, the unreal Prime Minister of Australia was extremely receptive when I approached her for my first Witty Sam interview.

When Julia Spillard answered the phone she knew who Witty Sam was instantly…. which was a little unnerving. She’s that powerful she probably knew I was going to call…

Julia Spillard is the Official Doppleranger of the first female Prime Minister of Australia. Here is my exclusive interview with Julia Spillard.

What was your response when Mark Latham said you touched him inappropriately?

I kicked him in the nuts. My parents taught me that if a dog has you in it’s grip and won’t let go a good kick to the nutsack is the quickest resolution. An Education Resolution!

Do you think  Latham is telling the Australian public to leave the ballot papers blank cause he doesn’t know how to vote?

I think Mark Latham wants to grab the hands of Australians and break their fingers…

There’s a lot of talk about your huge weird-ass earlobes. Would you consider going on Extreme Makeover to get them fixed?

Yes. You can join the people’s forum on Christmas Island to discuss my earlobes and when I have run out of things to do I’ll give you a call and ask you what you think.

Your Government is offering 25% rebates on Lazy Patches bought before the election – what color Lazy Patch would suit my eyes?

Sky Blue.

Finally Prime Minister, how will you be celebrating on Sunday after you’ve won the election?

I’ll be laughing like an evil genius. And having a tight lipped pash with Tim!

It was a pleasure interviewing  Julia Spillard, our unreal Prime Minister. She’s sooper unreal…

It’s great to have an alternative choice this election. Australia is an unreal country that needs unreal leaders – so Vote 1 Julia Spillard.

You can give your support to Julia Spillard by following her on Twitter

And subscribe to her YouTube Channel here – catch up with all her policies and she responds to all the crap in the media personally. You’ll laugh at Julia’s name change for Christmas Island… I won’t spoil the surprise so go check it out yourself.

7 thoughts on “Exclusive Julia Spillard Interview

  1. Cool interview, Witty Sam!!! Well done, sister!!!

    What a privilege for Julia Spillard – for you to do the interview and write about her… I reckon Sarah Palin/Tina Fey should be next in your sights…


  2. Thanks Lina! It was an awesome experience to interview Julia Spillard. Had a lot of fun! Sarah Palin/Tina Fey is a huge leap though – but she’s certainly on my wish list.

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