Goodbye Liz

Staff at Dulux Trade Centre, West Gosford are sad to see Liz leave

Everyone is preparing to say goodbye to Liz Richards next week. Management at Dulux Trade Centre, West Gosford had made the decision on Friday to give Liz the sack after 25 years of loyal and dedicated service. No real reason was given by management for their decision, however they “have a week to think of something good.”

Since the decision to sack Liz, all the staff  have been busy putting up “Goodbye Liz” signs everywhere around the store. “Liz is such a lovely person. I can’t remember how many times she helped me out when I wanted time off and there wasn’t anyone that would cover my shifts,” said co-worker Jerry Bayer while writing on the blackboard at the front of the store, “I’m going to miss Liz.”

Liz started at the store stacking shelves part-time after school when she was 16, eventually working her way up  to customer service. “Helping people with their paint and accessory needs has been Liz’s sole reason for getting up everyday,” Tracey Warner tearfully explained. Tracey who has worked with Liz for a year can’t believe that she’ll be leaving next week. “I love Liz… everyone does,” she said.

Liz has been described as the most hardworking employee within the store who hasn’t had any time off for 3 years until now.

“As soon as Liz returns from her well deserved week holiday we’ll be informing her she’s fired,” said Dulux Trade Centre store manager, Peter Clarkson over the PA system on Friday.

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