I Hope To Find Inspiration Soon

Inspiration will come.. I just know it
Inspiration will come.. I just know it

While typing the words that you are reading right now, I hope an idea will come from nowhere to make this blog post something worthwhile to read.  The problem is, I’m always trying to think of something to write about that people will read and entertain them even just a little bit.

But I decided to write this article in that sanguine expectation if I just keep writing, inspiration will hit me and I’ll be able to write the best darn article ever… that won’t be shared or even commented on.

I have this misguided ego where I actually believe people come to my blog to read my blog posts. It’s the most bizarre thought. No one really cares what I write.

And yet I sit here waiting for something that’s not going to happen. That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Life not offering a bloody thing but the words you’re reading. Since no one is reading this right now, I know I can write a bunch of crap. Oh, that’s the ultimate freedom! Whoopee! Forgive me if I sound a little sarcastic.

Let’s be serious there is no hope… now that’s something I have expert knowledge  in – no hope. Perhaps I’ll just post pictures of  poo… people like poo, right?

Maybe I’ll just write nothing…

One thought on “I Hope To Find Inspiration Soon

  1. Lucky for you I don’t get a lot of comments and therefore I can approve comments instantly. Thanks for leaving a comment… it shows someone cares. If I don’t find inspiration I will write about it again. There’s nothing like flogging a dead horse until someone throws up. Yes, that makes no sense but nothing I say usually does so…

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